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We would like to recommend that you read the areas "Our Grantmaking Strategy", "What We Do & Don't Fund" and "How To Apply" prior to submitting a funding application to the Foundation. In addition, here are some frequently asked questions that might also assist you:

What are the Foundation's focus areas or topics/criteria for applying?
Our funding is focused in three areas Childcare, Health Services and Educational Programmes and it is highly unlikely that a topic outside of these areas will receive funding.
How much money may we apply for/is there a limit in terms of our proposed budget?
There is no specified funding limit and you should apply for the exact budget that is required in order to successfully implement the project/part of the project that you are applying for.
When should we submit our application/is there a deadline or cut-off date for submissions?
There is no specific deadline or cut-off date and you are welcome to submit your application whenever you are ready the earlier, the better.
How long will it take to obtain a response from the Foundation?
Upon receiving your request, you will shortly receive an acknowledgement letter from the Foundation and it could take up to 6 months to receive final approval for the actual funding. Please also refer to steps 4 to 6 under "How to Apply".
Where do I send my proposal to/who should I address the application to?
Proposals should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and could be mailed to: The Carl & Emily Fuchs Foundation, P O Box 1910, Halfway House, 1685 or could be e-mailed to: ceff@iafrica.com or could be delivered/couriered to: The Carl & Emily Fuchs Foundation, 1st Floor, Block 2, Waterfall Terraces, Waterfall Park, Bekker Road, Midrand.
Should we submit only written applications or may we include visual material/audio-visual representations/examples as well?
You are welcome to include written publications and audio-visual material in support of your application.
Does the Foundation accept electronic submissions/may we e-mail our application or should we send/deliver a hard copy?
You are welcome to e-mail your application to: ceff@iafrica.com (but please do not enclose large volumes of data or many photographs that take a long time to download).
What format should we use/does the Foundation provide application forms?
You are welcome to draft your application in any professional funding application format we do not make use of standard application forms. Presenting your project proposal as a logical concept forms part of the assessment process.
How long should our proposal be?
Your proposal should not be longer than 10 typed pages in total.
What documents should we include with our initial application?
During the initial round, we recommend that you submit only your funding proposal, some limited substantiating material (such as photographs, etc), your budget and proof of your registration as an NPO, as well as your banking details.
How will we know about the Foundation's Calls-for-Proposals?
Calls-for-Proposals appear under the "Our Grants" area on this website.
What do you and don't you fund?
Please refer to the "What We Do & Don't Fund" area on this website.
What process should we follow when submitting an application?
There are 8 steps to be followed as part of the application process they appear under the "How To Apply" area on this website.
What will be required of us, should we receive funding from the Foundation?
Should your application be successful, you will be required to enter into a grant agreement with the Foundation, whereafter you will receive your funding (normally in tranches) and during the implementation process, your progress, funding utilization and the impact of your project results/outcomes will be monitored and assessed. Recognition for the funding received will also be negotiated.