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WHAT WE DO - How to Apply

How To Apply

Here at the Foundation we distinguish between two kinds of applications:

Solicited Funding in this category, we determine the focus areas/topics of required impact; we design the development interventions, their key performance indicators, assessment measurement methodology, etc and then we invite applications through a Call-for-Proposals process.

Unsolicited Applications these are applications that non-profit applicants submit to the Foundation on their own initiative, often as part of a general fundraising/resource mobilization drive by the applicant organizations themselves.

In the instance of solicited applications, each Call-for-Proposals will specify how/when/where/in what format/for how much funding you may apply. For more information on our current, future and recent Calls-for-Proposals, click here.

If you are not responding to a Call-for-Proposals, but wish to submit an unsolicited request for funding, here are the steps in the process to assist you:

Step 1
First, read the...

First, read the sections on "Our Grantmaking Strategy" and "What We Do & Don't Fund" in order to gain an understanding of the focus areas within which we make grants and to check that your activity is not one of the exclusion areas in which we do not provide funding.

Step 2
Clearly select the...

Clearly select the category within which you wish to apply (please see again "Our Grantmaking Strategy" for the various categories/focus areas).

Step 3
Next, submit (via...

Next, submit (via mail, e-mail or physical delivery/courier) to the Foundation your funding proposal (drafted in your own format no application forms are relevant here). Kindly do not submit proposals that are longer than 10 typed pages in total (you are welcome to include visual material) and please remember to indicate in which category you are applying. Also ensure that you have included the amount and budget detail that you are requesting from the Foundation.

Step 4
Wait for our...

Wait for our response, in the format of an acknowledgement letter that informs you that your application is "pending", what will happen next (and when), or a "regret" letter that your submission has not been successful.

Step 5
If your application...

If your application is proceeding to the next level, your project will be assessed by the Foundation and you will be requested to supply us with a range of substantiating documents, such as your NPO Registration Certificate, PBO Letter from SARS, your organization's budget, letters of referral, etc. This step may also include interviews/presentations and/or on-site visits.

Step 6
If you are...

If you are recommended for funding to the Board of Trustees, your application will be considered at one of the Foundation's quarterly Board meeting and you will be advised of the outcome directly thereafter. Due to the large volume of applications received, most submissions can only be dealt with in the quarter following the one in which the submission was done thus, you should expect a final answer only within 6 months.

Step 7
You will receive...

You will receive formal notification of your grant as well as a grant agreement to be signed next, whereafter the funding (often in tranches) will be electronically transferred into your organization's/project's nominated banking account.

Step 8
During implementation, regular...

During implementation, regular progress reporting, on-site visits and an impact assessment at the end of your implementation process will be undertaken. Formal recognition/media exposure for the funding received from the Foundation might also be required.