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OUR GRANTS - Past Grants and Projects

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Over the past forty years, the Foundation has funded a wide variety of non-profit beneficiaries in a number of social development areas, nationally within South Africa.

These initiatives mostly related to programme areas such as:

Child Care & Youth Development
Health Services, Counselling and Frail Care
Community Development, Welfare Services and Poverty Alleviation
Trauma, Disability and Disaster Funding
Promotion of the Arts, Culture and Gender Development
Education, Training and Research Programmes
Investing in the Future and Out-of-Home Care
Entrepreneurship and Job Creation
Maths, Science & Technology Development
Engineering and Architecture
Excellence in Higher Education.

In addition, the Foundation has initiated a number of multi-year National Flagship Projects over the past twenty years, including:

Developing the national Multi-disciplinary Inter-sectoral Child Protection Protocols for South Africa
Fresh Footprints – Developing Social Entrepreneurship
Promotion of Excellence – Funding of Innovation and Cutting-edge Performance in a selected number of fields
Healing Kids – Improving the Qualify of Paediatric Care for Infant Patients at Public Hospitals in South Africa.
Special Abilities, Special Needs – Facilitating Services to Children with Special Education Needs, nationally in the country.

In celebration of the Foundation's forthcoming 50th Anniversary to be celebrated during August 2019, our Anniversary Flagship Project – Fuchs: The Golden Years – was launched at the beginning of March 2016. Read more…